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Contact Lenses

Primary Eye Exam


Primary Examination

Prior to a contact lens examination it is important to have a complete primary vision and eye health examination. By law, it is required for you to have an eye exam annually in order to update your contact lens prescription. A glasses prescription is a standard part of an a routine eye exam. Contact lens fittings require a fitting fee based on the complexity of the fit. If you are new to contact lenses, Dr. Allen will gladly review with you this fitting fee as well as instructions for success in your new contact lenses. 


Contact Lens ExaminationContact Lens Examination  

What is included in a contact lens fitting?


Dr. Allen will choose the best contact lens modality for you based on your prescription, vision needs, activities and desires. An experienced team member will provide training on how to put the lenses in and how to take them out. Contact lens cleaning solution and a case will also be given to you on this day. Once this task of insertion and removal of the contact lenses has been completed successfully, you may take home the contact lenses (most cases a diagnostic pair of contact lenses can be provided) and continue practicing and adapting to this new way of seeing the world. Dr. Allen requires a contact lens follow up within two weeks of trying your new lenses. She prefers that you have your lenses in for at least one hour before this follow up. There is a 90 day global period for contact lens fittings in the event changes need to be made. Please note: we are unable to exchange opened boxes of soft contact lenses and this is why we like to provide you with diagnostic lenses to try first. There may be exceptions to this general contact lens fitting policy and procedure when dealing with gas permeable lenses or lenses of a more complex nature. 



Inserting Contact Lens


Insertion and Removal Training

While it is not difficult, putting a contact lens into your eye for the first time can be a challenge for some people.  We provide training to help you become comfortable with this process.




 Trial Period

Contact Lens Exam

Finally, we provide a trial period to see if contact lenses are really the best solution to your visual needs.  For some of our patients, contact lenses provide the best vision every day, all day.  For others, contact lenses are useful for only specific activities.  All of these considerations are discussed. 


 In the final analysis, our greatest concern is for the health of your eyes.  A safe wearing schedule and lens hygiene issues are outlined.




Contact Lens

Special Use Contacts

Once we know that basic contact lenses are working, more complex lenses can be considered.  We provide a full array of contact lenses for specialized needs:  

Bifocal Contact Lenses

Monovision Contact Lenses

Astigmatism Contact Lenses

Specialty lenses for Keratoconus



Colored Contact Lenses 

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses can change the iris color. The cosmetic options range from a subtle iris color change to a striking and dramatic effect.