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Lens Services


Lens Features

With Spectacle Lenses, there is a wide range of available features.  New technologies has brought us a range in lens power that is virtually unlimited.  However, not all available features are right for all of our patients.  As such, we provide you with a brief discussion of each of these features so when you visit our office you will have some ideas of what features might work best for you.  We will discuss all of these and how they fit your needs.


Anti-Reflective Coating

    When you look at a highAnti-reflective Coating (ARC) Lenses quality camera lens, you will note a   purplish sheen to the surface of the lens.  This is an Anti-Reflection (ARC) Coating which is baked on the lens.  This same anti-reflection coating is available in your glasses.  This coating reduces reflections and glare from lights by over 80%.  This feature is particularly useful when driving at night, when there is a multitude of streetlights and car lights that are reflecting off the surfaces of your lenses.  Glare while driving or while on a computer can create a lot of visual discomfort.


Anti-reflective Coating (ARC) Hydrophobic Lenses

Another cool feature of ARC is that it is "Hydrophobic". This means that water beads up on a lens with ARC on it.  As noted in this example, on the right lens, water beads up and will roll off the lens when it is raining.  Water spreads out on the left lens and makes it impossible to see through it. 



Digital Progressive Lenses


Progressive Addition Lenses, sometimes known as "No Line Bifocals" or "PALs" is the most common way to treat presbyopia in today's patients. The lens features a corridor that gradually adds magnification through the lens, resulting in a seamless field of view from distance to intermediate to near. 

 One of the draw backs tKeyholeo this lens style has been the large blending zones needed in the periphery of the lenses. With digital processing technology we use a computer controlled point by point process, yielding a lens that is up to 6 times more accurate. This technology also allows us to place the corridor on the back side, opening up the field of view, similar to looking through a keyhole. Utilizing an algorithm factoring in your prescription, the frame, and how that frame fits on you, we are able to order a progressive lens that is customized just for your vision needs! 


Task Specific Solutions


Many of the common complaints we hear in the office deal with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Computer vision syndrome is a combination of ocular and orthopedic symptoms from struggling to maintain optimal eye to screen interaction. Symptoms include eye fatigue, strain, dryness, neck and shoulder pain. 


We offer lenses that focus on giving you the widest field of view for near tasks. Several designs are available. Some are optimized for those who spend hours at a time looking on multiple monitors. Others for larger office/classroom environments where you want to see up to 10 feet out. 

Danville Family Eye Care is also pleased to offer BluTech lenses for superior blue light protection.  Tablets, smartphones, and LCD panels emit a high intensity blue light that can damage the retinal pigment layer of the eye, leading to an increase risk of macular degeneration. This same blue light also interrupts our natural circadian rhythms that make it harder to get meaningful sleep. BluTech selectively filters this blue light to allow the "good light" responsible for elevating mood through, while blocking the "bad light" that can cause damage. 

Task specific lenses aren't just for computer users! Many people can benefit from a specialty pair of glasses for their hobby or occupation. Some other tasks that can be made easier include:

 Reading Music







And more!




Sunglasses just don't reduce visible light. They are protecting your eyes from powerful UV rays. Ultra Violet radiation is a contributing factor to a host of ocular conditions including melanoma, ptygerium and cataract formation. Colors tend to range from a neutral gray, brown, green and variations of their combinations.  We offer any color or density you can imagine.  Mirror finishes are also available.


 Polarized Sun Lenses

Polarizing sunglasses eliminates reflected glare from wet road surfaces, bumpers, windshields and water on the road, lakes and rivers.  This is particularly useful for drivers, boaters, fishermen, hunters and many other outdoor activities. 



 Tinted Lens      VS     Polarized Lens

Children's Sunglasses


 Children & Sunglasses

Dermatologists tell us that many skin cancers originate from excessive sun exposure.  For younger children, ultra-violet from the sun is even more damaging. This holds true for children's eyes as well as their skin.  We recommend sunglasses for children as well as a cap with a "bill" to protect their young eyes.



Transitions and Photogray


Transition and Photogray lenses change with the light.  Light from the sun contains ultra-violet wavelengths (over 700 nm).  It is the ultra-violet that creates a change in the chemistry of the lens.  This change causes the lens to darken.  Transition refers to plastic light weight lenses.  Photogray refers to glass lenses.  Both of these photosensitive lenses block over 95% of the ultra-violet rays.  When indoors, and out of the effect from sunlight, the lenses lighten up nearly perfectly clear.  When in your car, the lenses are only about 25% dark due to the fact that the car windshield blocks about 50% of the UV.  Transitions come in two densities.  If you prefer clear lenses when you are indoors, the traditional Transitions lens is best for you.  However, if you are sensitive to bright light and prefer a comfortable light tint indoors and you want moderate darkening in the car, then you should use Transitions XTRActive. 


Transitions LensesTransitions LensesTransitions Lenses