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COVID 19 Disruption to Business FAQ

Danville Family Eye Care wants to keep you informed as we all experience this disruption to business together. We are hoping this FAQ will help assist our patients in understanding how this affects them.

Why are you closing? 

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC), the American Optometric Association and many state & federal agencies have requested this. Due to the COVID 19 virus, the American HealthCare system is getting overwhelmed. Our role in this matter has multiple parts.

  1. While we are taking precautions to protect your health, and the health of our staff, there is still a chance of community spread occuring. The virus can linger for several hours in the air and be found in ocular fluids.
  2. The Personal Protective Equipment to protect our team, needs to be conserved for the front line crews who are actively working with those known to be affected.
  3. By serving the more urgent/emergent eye issues, we can keep those people from going to urgent care or emergency rooms where their risk of exposure is greater than in office.

What about my appointment? 

We are doing our best to call patients and get them rescheduled. Our phones have been ringing non stop since we sent our original message about our closure. We will make every attempt to reach out to you and to get those appointments rescheduled. We are currently moving those patients to May/June.

We apologize for this disruption. No sane business wants to be experiencing any type of disaster. However, we must comply with the guidance being given to us.

What about my glasses?

We will be open March 20th from 7:30am to 1:00pm for pick ups. We will not be able to provide adjustments at this time, but will be able to give you your glasses, case, cleaner and cleaning cloth. When we reopen, we will be happy to provide adjustments then. We are doing our best to get orders processed, verified, and notified as soon as possible. When you come to pick them up, text or call us, and we will deliver them to you.

For orders not yet in, we will still be able to receive our deliveries. We request you if you can wait, please wait for us to reopen for delivery. If you have lost/broken glasses, let us know and we can mail them to you. A small fee may apply.

What about my contacts?

If you have already ordered contacts, and had them shipped to our office, we will ask that you call / text when you arrive at the office and we will deliver them to you.

If you have not already ordered your contacts, we have a link to our online store on our Facebook page, and our website. If you experience problems, please leave us a message through voice, text, email, or our website. We will be actively monitoring these.

What if I need a medication refill?

Leave us a message via voicemail. Please let us know the name of the drug, and the pharmacy you would like that phoned/faxed into.

What if I have eye pain, or experience a sudden change in my vision?

Our phone system will have a prompt for if you are experiencing an ocular emergency. This will connect you to an emergency line and prompt you to leave a detailed message including, name, phone number, your symptoms, and someone will reach out to triage your call. An appointment may be set up if deemed necessary.

When will you reopen?

That is a good question! We are anticipating reopening on April 6th. This 2 weeks will hopefully help to flatten that curve, and allow us to do what we want to do, which is to serve you! However, nothing is certain at this point, and we will follow the guidance of the CDC, and our state/federal officials. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


Based upon the advice and guidance of the CDC and the American Optometric Association, Danville Family Eye Care will be closed Until April 6th due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will be actively monitoring our messages through all our regular communication channels, including this website. We also have an emergency line that patients can use integrated into our phone system.

Our webstore for contact lenses and supplies is back online, and ready to serve you. For further details, including an FAQ on what this means to you, visit us on Facebook.

Be Safe, Social Distance, and we pray for all of you to stay well.

~ The Team @ Danville Family Eye Care