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Introducing HOPE

Danville Family Eye Care is offering their own vision discount plan. For either a $150 fee for adults, or $120 for those under 18, Danville Family Eye Care will provide an eye examination, including refraction and enhanced retinal screening. Discounts including 40% off eyeglasses (including lenses and frames only), 25% off contact lens evaluations, and double the in office rebates on contact lenses. No frequency limitations! Enroll now for the 2023 calendar year!


Value Package 14×11

Unlike many places that offer “cheap” frames for their value collection,
Danville Family Eye Care works with their vendors to purchased
overstock and discontinued frames for reduced prices. This allows us
to have have higher quality and trendy frames for a value price.



Most people between the ages of 40-45 start to have difficulty seeing up close. This is called Presbyopia and slowly progresses until about the age of 65. This is a normal change due to the lens in the eye hardening and losing flexibility.

Vuity is 1.25% pilocarpine. This is not a new drug. It has been on the market for decades and is used to temporarily shrink the pupil size. It is now being rebranded as a drop that can help improve near vision. How does this work? By shrinking the pupil size, physics tells us this can increase our depth of focus. This drop will not CURE presbyopia. It can improve it while the drop is active and the near blur will return when the dose wears off after approximately 4-6 hours. This drop is recommended for individuals ages 40-55.

Dosage: one drop in each eye once per day. Side effects: possible brown ache or a mild headache. The cost at this time is about $80-90 per month at most pharmacies and insurance does not apply.