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Optometric Technician

Madison is our talented optometric technician. She graduated high school with honors and completed one year of nursing school at IUPUI. She also completed the Emergency Medical Services Program at Ben Davis. Her skills include gathering data and taking measurements for the doctors as well as calling in prescription refills and handling prior authorizations. 

Madison loves taking care of others. She loves spending time with family and helping them in any way she can. She has a huge passion for singing and enjoys outdoor farm activities. She is also a talented artist. She would love to get her license to be a tattoo artist in the future. Madison also enjoys exporing new designs and ways to use her circut!


Most people between the ages of 40-45 start to have difficulty seeing up close. This is called Presbyopia and slowly progresses until about the age of 65. This is a normal change due to the lens in the eye hardening and losing flexibility.

Vuity is 1.25% pilocarpine. This is not a new drug. It has been on the market for decades and is used to temporarily shrink the pupil size. It is now being rebranded as a drop that can help improve near vision. How does this work? By shrinking the pupil size, physics tells us this can increase our depth of focus. This drop will not CURE presbyopia. It can improve it while the drop is active and the near blur will return when the dose wears off after approximately 4-6 hours. This drop is recommended for individuals ages 40-55.

Dosage: one drop in each eye once per day. Side effects: possible brown ache or a mild headache. The cost at this time is about $80-90 per month at most pharmacies and insurance does not apply.